White fishnet knee socks with laces spokes

fishnet knee high socks

Cute white knee-length socks are knitted in an openwork pattern.

Model description

Size: 38. You will need: Novita Kotivaki yarn (100% cotton, 660 m/200 g) -150 g white 011) sock spokes № 2-2, 5.

Elastic band in a circle: * 2 persons. p. , 2 Izn. p. * repeat * *. Openwork pattern: knit according to the scheme. Please note that in the middle of the sock, there are subtractions and additions in all rows except the 7th. Knitting density: 28 p. openwork pattern in a slightly stretched form = 10 cm.

Dial 84 p. and divide them into 4 spokes, 21 p.each. The place where the row is changed is always between the 1st and 4th spokes. Then knit with an elastic band in a circle about 4 cm. Knit the 1st row, adding at the same time on the 1st spoke 2 p. = 86 p. Knit an openwork pattern according to the trace scheme. thus: repeat the segment A-3 times (=30 p.), knit the segment B-C (=26 p.) repeat the segment A-3 times. Knit further loops in this order, repeating in the segment A-in the 1-4 th rows and in the middle figure 1-7 th rows. When the height of the base is 15 cm, start making decreases. Reduce first on both sides of the middle figure in place of 4 out. loops 1 p., draw 7 rows and repeat the reduction in the same strips (on both sides of the large figure will remain 2 out. p.). Draw 7 rows, reducing in the trace. a row on both sides of the large drawing on strips of 3 parts of 1 item. Perform the following subtractions again in place of the trace. 3 Izn. p. through 7 rows, and so on. When you make subtractions 1 time on all the strips from 3 Izn. p., subtract another on the 1st and 4th spokes, in three intervals as well, alternating 1 p. After the reduction, the work will be 64 p. Knit with openwork knitting until the base length is 38 cm. Then distribute all the loops on 4 spokes, 16 p. each, so that the figure was in the middle of the front part.

Start knitting the heel by tying the loops of the 1st and 4th spokes with openwork knitting = 32 p. Put aside the remaining loops. Turn the work over and start knitting a tight section: 1st row (wrong side): remove 1 point without provyazyvaya (thread will remain on the wrong side), provyazhite the remaining loops Izn. viscous. Turn the product over. 2nd row: (front side) ♦ remove 1 p. without tying, the thread will remain on the wrong side, tie 1 p. p. * repeat *-* to the end of the row. Turn the product over. Repeat 1st and 2nd rows 15 more times (=32 row).

Tie another row on the wrong side and begin to perform heel reduction: knit on the right edge until there is 12 p. Make the Cape broach (=remove 1 item without provyazyvaya, provyazyvayte 1 item and pull the removed loop through provyazannuyu), turn the product. Remove 1 item without tying, tie 8 of them and tie 2 of them together, turn the product over. Remove 1 p. without provyazyvaya, knit until there is 11 p., make a Cape broach. Continue knitting in this way, the side loops will decrease, the number of middle loops will remain the same (10 p.). When the side loops are finished, divide the heel loops into 2 spokes (5 p. each).

Then remove the free spoke on the left edge of the heel 16 p. + 1 p. between the heel and the second spoke. Tie the removed loops, turning them over, starting from the left side of the heel. Tie the loops of the 2nd and 3rd spokes with an openwork pattern. Remove on the right edge of the heel 16 p. 1 p. between the 3rd spoke and the heel on the spoke on which 5 p., knit the removed loops, turning over, faces and 5 p. heel faces. Continue to knit the loops of the 2nd and 3rd spokes with an openwork pattern, the loops of the 1st and 4th spokes with a smooth surface, performing the reduction of the toe: knit the last 2 loops of faces at the end of the 1st spoke. together, on the 4th spoke 2 first loops of faces. together. Knit 1 intermediate row, making the subtractions as before. Knit 2 intermediate rows, then 1 row with subtractions, 3 intermediate rows, and so on. When all the spokes remain 16 p., finish performing the subtraction. Continue to knit until the length of the sole will not reach 19 cm Then knit at the end of the 1st and 3rd spokes 2 persons. p. together, 1 persons. p., knit at the beginning of the 2nd and 4th spokes 1 persons. p., Cape broach. Continue to decrease in each 2nd row until there are 7 p on the spokes. After that, perform a reduction in each row. When 8 p. remain in operation, cut the thread, thread through the loops, tighten and fasten.

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