Knit glove with an embroidered pattern with spokes

Mitts with an embroidered pattern with spokes

It was another fine day? Then cute mitts with embroidered bees and flowers are just what you need for a fun walk. Size: 20 cm (palm circumference), 20 cm (length).
Model description
Size: 20 cm (palm circumference), 20 cm (length).
You will need: yarn (50% Alpaca wool, 50% sheep wool: 110 m/50 g) – 50 g gray; remnants of yarn: white, yellow, pink, coral, green and black; stocking needles # 4; hook # 3,5.
Facial surface: knitting in a circle: only facial loops.
Elastic: alternately 2 persons, 2 Izn.
1 p. add: from broach vyvyazat 1 persons. a crossed loop.
1 Pico: 3 V. p., 1 art. b / n back to 1st V. p. from 3 V. p.
Knitting density: 20 p. x 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the front surface of the knitting needles number 4.
Job description: for the right mittens, type 40 p. on the hosiery needles # 4 with a gray thread, close the row, mark the transition from row to row with a contrasting thread. Knit in a circle with an elastic band. After 3 cm = 9 p. from the set row, continue working with the front surface. After 4 cm = 12 p. from the elastic band in the next 2nd p. add 1 p. for the thumb wedge after the marked transition from row to row and before the last 2nd p.at the end of the row. Then in each 2nd p. these additions repeat 3 more times (= after the added loop and before the added loop) = 12 p.of the thumb wedge. On all 48 p. perform another 8 p. Then 36 p. temporarily leave, and 12 p. knit the thumb, while in the 1st p. before the end, add 2 p. for the jumper, vyvyazav loops of broaches from the inside of the thumb = 14 p. Provyazat 4 p. and the next row to perform openwork: * 2 p. provyazat together the front, 1 Cape from * repeat 6 times. The next row to tie the front and close the loop. Next, knit on the left 36 p. facial smoothness in a circle. After 17 cm from the bottom edge, close all the loops. Left mitten knit, as the right.
Binding: knit crocheted # 3,5 on the edge of the thumb alternately 2 St. b / n and 1 Pico, a number of close soed. St. the Upper edge of the main part of the mittens tie in a circle crocheted # 3,5 according to the above scheme = 3 p. The diagram shows 1 pattern rapport between the arrows and a transition from row to row in front of it. Perform 9 rapports in a row.
Embroidery: to perform at the following diagram: thin lines – stalked seam, the leaves seam “loop pricep”, thick lines mark the seam “Rococo”. On the second mitten, the motif is embroidered in a mirror image. Secure the ends of the threads. I like to Knit new patterns with crochet and knitting needles. I like to Knit new patterns with crochet and knitting needles.

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