Julia Roberts – famous “pretty Woman” and knitter

One of the most famous knitters of modern Hollywood is JULIA ROBERTS, known to us all from the movie “pretty Woman” and many others. She has long been fond of knitting, proudly wears things of her own making, and even introduced this hobby to fashion among Hollywood Actresses. At first, Roberts quietly knitted in between shots. And when she became a star of the first magnitude, she had imitators among other stars.

In knitting, she prefers bright colors and bold solutions. Fans of Julia Roberts closely monitor what she dresses in, and their eyes never escape the knitted things. On forums of fans and just knitting sites, real battles often break out over whether she herself knitted the next new cardigan/sweater/scarf/ or not. Of course, there are also things about the authorship of which there is no need to argue. For example, a sweater with multicolored stripes and a yellow bag with a bright decor…

The latter, by the way, made a lot of noise among American women after its appearance in People magazine in the fall of 2006. Julia Roberts was leaving a new York theater when she was filmed by the ubiquitous paparazzi. On her arm was a bright felt bag with tortoiseshell handles and silk flowers. Most likely, the bag was Julia’s first successful experience in felting (knitting is not her only needlework hobby – in her Studio room, she likes to retire to sew something or try new types of needlework, as she admitted in an interview). But the effect it produced was akin to an explosion in the world of handmakers: the most enterprising of handmakers began to create their own versions of “Julia Roberts bags” and sell them for as much as $ 300, as well as conduct master classes and complete sets of “make your own Julia bag”.

In General, Julia herself loves to knit sweaters, she even gives them to her friends and family. At the beginning of her acting career, she often knitted them for herself and did not hesitate to appear in them in public. It is said that one Christmas Julia knitted sweaters for the children of johnny Depp, with whom, by her own admission, she dreams of playing in a movie.

…And yet how did it happen that Julia Roberts became the # 1 knitter in Hollywood? After all, there were Actresses before her who were friends with spokespeople, for example, Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. Just Julia, unlike many other Actresses, did not hesitate to appear on the set with a basket of yarn and needles. She knitted and continues to do it in between shoots, not afraid to look like a stereotypical “grandmother”. That’s what Julia herself says: “…on the set, during breaks, I sit down and knit. It seems to me that this hobby is not devoid of a social component – unlike those who sit down to leaf through magazines, I can maintain a conversation…”

And soon the release of the movie “Knitting on Fridays” (the Friday Night Knitting Club) with Julia Roberts in the title role is expected. This film will be one of the few dedicated to knitting.

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