• ac conversion chart

    Crochet hook size conversions chart

    There are a lot of differences in terminology for hook sizes and yarn weights, so we provide you with very convenient diagrams that would easily convert the necessary millimeters to letters. We will show you a conversion chart (it looks like an ac conversion chart to convert square feet to acres and back) which is very useful for all beginners.   Crochet hook sizes differ because they were produced in different countries. The NUMBERS represents us the diameter of shaft (in millimeters – “mm”). This shaft is the part of the hook between the point and handle. In the USA we are using Letter sizes, where “B” size – usually…


    The most necessary materials for knitting

    To make crocheting and knitting increasingly lovely and advantageous, different sewing gadgets will support you. We educate you regarding the most essential of them.   Presently we offer you to get to know the seemingly insignificant details that make crafted by a needlewoman simpler and progressively pleasant.   Cable knitting needles and crooked needles   Wavy spokes for tying meshes, for example those examples that require expelling and intersection circles — they won’t slip because of the bizarre state of the instrument. You can supplant a basic crooked needle or a normal clip — it additionally holds the circles splendidly. Knitting switch holders safety pin   knitting switch holders safety…