When Knitting Isn’t Really Knitting, AKA Tunisian Knit Stitch

Tunisian Knit Stitch in a Rainbow of Colors -- This Tunisian Crochet Stitch Resembles Knitting, but It Is Crocheted.

Instructions for a Free Rainbow Stripe Pattern in Tunisian Knit Stitch

This rainbow pattern is easy to crochet. Yes, crochet. It’s worked in Tunisian knit stitch, a crochet stitch which resembles stockinette stitch in knitting.

To create the rainbow striped pattern as shown,

  • Work your starting chain in purple yarn, then work two rows of purple.
  • Then work two rows of blue.
  • Then work two rows of green.
  • Then work two rows of yellow.
  • Then work two rows of orange.
  • Then work two rows of red.
  • Then the pattern starts over again with two more rows of purple. Repeat ad infinitum.

If you don’t already know how to work the Tunisian knit stitch, be sure to check out the free Tunisian knit stitch tutorial.

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