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I’m originally learned to knit by reading knitting books, and much of what I’ve learned about knitting over the years has come directly from books and magazines. I highly recommend learning all you can from knitting books whenever possible — although in hindsight, it’s clear that I would have done better to start off with a knitting lesson or two from a teacher. If you’re a brand new, beginning knitter, I recommend that you find a teacher for your first knitting lessons if you are able to — then stock up on books to guide you with learning the rest. But if you aren’t able to find a good knitting teacher in your area, don’t let that stop you; between books, magazines and videos you can learn everything you’d ever need to know about knitting.

Knitting books are invaluable sources of info and guidance, and I refer to them often. The books listed below are ones I’ve had the pleasure of working with and reviewing, and I’m delighted to share these insights with you in hopes that it will help you select knitting books that will meet your needs and expectations.

Easy Fair Isle Knitting by Martin Storey

Knit colorful pillows, blankets, accessories and sweaters using the colorful Fair Isle knitting technique and the easy patterns in this book.

Knitting: The Complete Guide
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This is a beautiful knitting reference book that will be helpful to knitters of all skill levels. It includes information about how to knit, plus instructions for how to do various beginner through advanced knitting techniques. There are 200+ knitting stitch patterns included, plus 15 knitting patterns for popular types of projects such as hats, socks and shawls.

Mollie Makes Woodland Friends: More Handmade Projects for the Home

While this is not specifically a knitting book — it includes instructions for creating craft projects in a variety of different techniques — you will find one really cute knitted fox pattern in the book. There are also sewing, crochet and other types of projects included.

Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet by Mags Kandis

This is a craft book that focuses on delivering gift-worthy project ideas. The book includes knitting projects as well as other sorts of projects, although the majority of the patterns are knitting patterns.

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