Crocheting With Color — Pretty Baby Blanket for Baby Girls Patchwork Sampler Afghan With Heart Designs and Checkerboard Designs

This pretty baby blanket resembles a patchwork quilt, but it is crocheted. This photograph is posted at the knitting with color web site -- the free crochet pattern is available online.

This patchwork baby blanket isn’t quilted; it’s crocheted! To make this blanket, you crochet a bunch of colorful afghan squares and then you assemble them in a patchwork pattern by sewing the crocheted squares together.

Baby girl's afghan featuring heart designs and checkerboard designs -- posted at the knitting with color web site -- free crochet pattern available at

The pinks, purple, peach and other pastel colors featured in this afghan are ideal blanket colors for baby girls. Of course, if you need to make a blanket for a baby boy, all you have to do is use blues and other boy-friendly colors — yellows, greens, oranges etc.

  • Get the baby blanket pattern (it’s free!)
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Bernat Softee Baby Yarns

Bernat Softee Baby Yarn for Crocheting and Knitting Baby Blankets or Other Baby Projects

The afghan is crocheted using Bernat Softee baby yarn. This is a machine-washable acrylic yarn.

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